Hope Lutheran Classical Christian Co-op Coat of Arms Symbolism

Luther Rose – Seal designed by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther. It is the primary emblem of the Lutheran Church.

Chi-Rho- Early Christian symbol comprised of the first two letters of Christ’s Greek name Christos (XPIΣTOΣ), the alpha and omega. Revelation 21:6a

Lion and Lamb Supporters- The lion and the lamb both refer to Jesus Christ. He is our support. Revelation 5:5-6, John 2:6

Torch of knowledge- Wisdom, through scholarship, observation, and study.

Book/Bible- Represents the books of truth, primarily the Bible.

Arrows- Symbolize readiness, referenced in Isaiah 49:2 and Psalms 127:4-5a

Eagle- Fortitude and magnanimity of mind in the children we educate. It is poised for flight as they are still preparing before they fly/soar. Isaiah 40:31

Leaf- Leaves are symbolic of growth, and is in the eagle’s mouth for the growth of the children God has put in our care. Psalm 1:1-3.

Banner: “Deus Dat Incrementum” – The HLCC motto. Latin for “God gives growth”.


Classical education is typically divided into three developmental stages of learning (trivium); grammar (memorizing), logic (formulating thought) and rhetoric (learning to discern and articulate).

A classical education trains students to revere excellent literary works. The study of these works teaches students to recognize and express truth, goodness and beauty. They learn the foundation on which to excel at speech, reason, and articulating the truth in love. Classically educated students use their knowledge as tools in their God-given vocations as they best serve their neighbor in church and state.

Matt 28:19 commands “go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” The church is to baptize AND help parents teach. The Bible clearly directs parents to teach their children, not public schools.




Co-op curriculum and schedule

We meet two days each week (Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 8:30-3:30 pm). Core academic classes consist of Spelling, Latin, Science, Art, Music, Christian & Classical Studies,  Geography, Poetry, Literature. Enrichment classes are art, drama and games.

HLCC intends to guide three essential components to homeschoolers:

1) Access to, and structure of, an excellent time-tested, classical curriculum.

2) Chapel, prayer & catechesis, God’s Word strengthens our faith and we believe we receive gifts when we attend to His Word in a community of believers.

3) Neuro-development exercises for children strengthen the connection between hemispheres of our brain and focus



It is important to develop a complete picture of a subject area by including enrichment.  This includes art, music, drama, science and outdoor learning. We consider these areas just as important as core academic areas. Our Lord is the creator of all things, He is the commonality in it, and this also means we do not study subjects as “modules” or “components”, but as a whole and in relation to each other.


Recently we became a Partner member of the Classical Latin School Association. This is because we use Memoria Press curriculum as well as the classical method which ensures our children acquire the ability to discern truth, goodness and beauty. It also grants our co-op specific educational and financial benefits.

If you are looking for structure and support for your child's homeschool using time-tested material we may be great support to your family.    We look forward to meeting you!

Aside from Co-op Activities
Students have the opportunity to participate in piano & organ lessons during the course of our meeting day. After co-op we also offer a K-12 chess club. We also meet outside of co-op for several fieldtrips each year.

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